Smoking Cessation

If you are currently smoking, HUHS is committed to providing you with support and information to help you quit and remain off nicotine. Quitting smoking has enormous health benefits that begin within hours after quitting. Even if you have already tried to quit, we have confidence that you can succeed. Most smokers try to quit a few times before they are able to quit for good. You can learn from your past efforts and try again.

Stopping smoking is not easy — but you can do it. There are many resources to help you with these efforts

Our primary care and mental health clinicians are available to discuss smoking concerns and provide treatments and referrals.

The Tobacco Treatment Specialist (617-495-2068) offers smoking cessation counseling at HUHS in Holyoke Center. We waive the copay for these visits.

Healthwise® is a comprehensive interactive website with over 6,000 topics and the latest updates.

Quitworks, 800-TRY-TO-STOP
Quitworks is a free telephone counseling, information and referral service for Massachusetts residents who want to stop smoking. Quitworks' comprehensive website has tools, information, and an online community. Quitworks also provides free nicotine patches to Massachusetts resident. is an interactive, online program offering education and interventions around stages of quitting and online support through forums, blogs, and groups.